Polyshield Foundation and Baseplate System

Polyshield® is a foundation and baseplate shell for rotating pumps and motors. Polyshield® is constructed of polymer concrete in a one-piece shell. The shell replaces the baseplate, foundation, anchor bolts and grouting system.The Polyshield® system can be combined with a wide variety of rotating pump designs including:

Need a Polyshield® for a new pump installation or upgrade to an existing pump foundation? Just call your preferred pump manufacturer or distributor and ask for a Polyshield® solution to be included with their pump offering.


Precast Polymer Concrete Pump Foundations

Pump foundations and baseplates have always posed a challenge to plant maintenance personnel in refining and petrochemical facilities. Dealing with corrosion damage to metal baseplates and repairing corrosion damage to the concrete matrix of pump foundations....Read More!

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